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Dave Janosz provides consulting services in the area of Technology Education to school districts and other agencies. He brings to the table over ten years of experience designing and implementing Technology Education programs at all grade levels P-12. Dave has made presentations to local and national audiences including programs sponsored by the International Technology Education Association, Technology Educators Association of New Jersey, New Jersey Education Association, New Jersey School Boards Association, American Foundryman’s Society, Montclair State University, Ramapo College, The College of New Jersey, Stevens Institute of Technology, The Girl Scouts, and WNET/Thirteen.

Services provided:
- Daytime, weekend, evening, and summer workshops and seminars
- One-day or multi-day programs and work sessions
- Teambuilding activities
- Hourly programs
- Program facilitation and follow up

Specializing in:

Classroom activity development
Dave is an expert in the development of standards-based, “hands-on/minds-on” classroom activities for all grade levels, budgets and facilities that focus on age appropriate aspects of Technology, Innovation, Design, and Engineering. From creative design and problem-solving activities to advanced technology learning activities, he can help guide teaching staff in the design and implementation of class projects.

Curriculum and program planning
Whether a school is looking to align current courses to existing standards or develop new courses based on the latest standards, Dave can help to appropriately focus your efforts. He has experience developing and modernizing courses such as CADD, Technology & Design, Woods, Materials Processing, and Energy, Power & Transportation as well as middle level survey courses and articulated elementary programs.

Dave can provide exciting, interactive demonstrations of various teaching methods and strategies for the Technology Education classroom that incorporate differentiated instruction and consider students of all abilities from special needs to gifted and talented. There is no better way to teach concepts of project based learning than to have a group of educators participate in a live, hands-on activity.

Facility design
Drawing upon tours of hundreds of Technology Education facilities and a vast knowledge of commercially available products, Dave can assist in planning for new and/or renovated classrooms for all areas of the program. Regardless of budget, he can provide advice on classroom layout, organization and appropriate equipment.

Computer and software integration
Dave is an expert in various computer aided design (CAD) applications as well as other software appropriate to the technology curriculum including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. He can deliver custom programs to address any of these software packages with a concentrated focus on the Technology Education curriculum.

Interdisciplinary applications
The application of knowledge from other curricular areas is essential to the Technology Education curriculum. Dave pushes the envelope of what is expected by developing learning activities through which students gain knowledge of higher level concepts, especially from mathematics, science and language arts.